Parts & Tool Sourcing & Installation

If you are currently searching for a particular tool or part, Retronix Semiconductor can help you. Through our worldwide network of customers and other resources we are able to provide a comprehensive tool sourcing and installation service.

When you engage our service you can:

Locate and source a specific tool or part that you are finding difficult or time consuming to source at the best price possible.

Reconfigure and refurbish specific tools to your specification at one our sites or onsite, whichever is preferably or mostsuited.

Source and inspect a tool before purchase to ensure the best tool at the best price.

De-install, ship, re-install with a guaranteed start- up of the tool at its new location through our project management team.

You save time and resources and are safe in the knowledge that the experts are getting the best solution for your business.

Parts and Tool Sourcing and Installation

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Semiconductor Parts and Equipment


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