Hints and Tips for Semiconductor Job Seekers

Check out our Hints and Tips for Semiconductor Job Seekers below in order to give you the best chance at securing a job with Retronix Semiconductor.

A more effective resume / CV and skills matrix will help us promote you to our premier client base around the world.

Resume / C.V. advice

  • Keep it concise but informative – no unnecessary details. When writing your C.V. it is important to keep things relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • Include tools – if you have worked on specific tools in the industry, mention each in your C.V and specify how long you worked on them.
  • Include if you are willing to travel and for how long – many of our positions are based abroad and will require you to travel for 3-12 months.
  • Provide basic contact information, e.g. phone, email – we will need to contact you if your application is successful. Please provide contact details through which you are most contactable.
  • Good layout – ensure your C.V. is easy to scan and understand. Our staffing managers receive hundreds of C.V.’s, so it is essential that yours is easy to read with information clearly laid out. Reverse chronological information is best.
  • Correct grammar and punctuation are important – this may seem like an obvious tip, but a surprising number of people neglect proper grammar.
  • Do provide an updated C.V. – send us your most up to date C.V. to ensure we can get a complete overview of your skill set.
  • Fill in Retronix Semiconductor Skills Matrix – this is required when you submit a resume. The Skills Matrix allows us to quickly assess your skills and match them with our available positions.
  • Skills Matrix Advice – most of our clients look at the Skills Matrix before the resume. Be as thorough as possible. The ‘Most Relevant TITLE’ section is a good place to expand on your accomplishments.

The sections are:

Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Wafer size, model, process, chamber,
Number of years of experience,
Skill level 1,2,3,
Preventative maintenance PM,
Corrective maintenance CM,
Process start-up, installation, decommissioning experience.

Here is an example:
field service engineer FSE 3, Hand-down, CM, upgrade tools, installed in new 200mm fab, train Operators, Jr, Technician, E.E. Process Engineer.

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