Flexible Labour Support: How It Works

Retronix Semiconductor offers you the advantage of a flexible, motivated and highly qualified workforce which can change to match your business needs.


Our flexible labor support solutions for the semiconductor industry are ideal solution for your business. We can help you support your short term and long term projects with resources matched to your specific needs.

Our Flexible Labor Support Solution includes:

Flexible Contracts Retronix Semiconductor will deliver a high performance, fully integrated workforce that can support all functional areas within your specifications.

The length of your contract is flexible, from 1 week to an annual project and more.

Level 1 to Level 4 technicians are chosen from our extensive database of qualified staff.

Cross training is minimized as we manage this for you.

Fast Turnaround – Our experienced technical recruitment team can respond very quickly to facilitate your technical staffing requirements.

Staffing Managers are dedicated to bringing each of our clients a customized solution that meets all their exact project requirements.

A screening and management program is in place to ensure that you get the very best people for your business, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Our custom-built online pass-down program ensures that communication during the project is seamless.

Safety & Training – Our central safety certification and management program tracks the safety training of our entire field team.

Training staff : Retronix Semiconductor is a top provider of support and training services within the industry, we have the resources to cross train staff and up-skill your core workforce when you require.

Local Representation: Retronix Semiconductor has offices and workforce worldwide and can offer you local representation in your facility when required.

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