Flexible Labor Support

Retronix Semiconductor is a globally recognized and respected name within the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Since its inception over twenty years ago, we have provided high performing technicians and engineers for the electronics and semiconductor industry, employing over 350 technical & engineering people globally.

Retronix Semiconductor will provide highly qualified, fully managed contract technicians and engineers as and when you need them. These engineers and technicians have a range of expertise levels from Level 1 right through to Level 4.

We can supply field service engineers with multi tool experience for better FAB utilization.

Whatever your labor support requirements, we will deliver a high performance, fully integrated workforce that supports all FAB areas to your specification and for as long as you need them.

We manage the entire process from recruitment to on site management globally saving you time and delivering the best solutions for your business.

Find out more about our flexible labor support. Email sales@retronixsemiconductor.com

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