Frequently Asked Questions

What types of positions will Retronix Semiconductor have for me?

Retronix Semiconductor has a range of different contracts available, including:

Contractor/augmented work force
Temp-to perm positions
Direct hire positions

Specific roles include technicians, field service engineers an with experience in areas such as:
200mm and 300mm equipment, Furnace, EPI, AMAT etc.

I don't see a job that fits my previous experience, how do I let you know about me?

Click here to upload a current resume / CV, complete a skills matrix and answer a few questions so we can get to know you.

What are the types of work your clients have available?

Clients contract us for installing tools (tier 0-3), sustaining PM and CM procedures, decommissioning tools, upgrading/refurbishing tools, tool audits, process start-up, tool moves.

Some of our assignments include small 1-2 person projects right through to large projects of 50+ team members.

Does Retronix understand the technical aspects of the semiconductor industry to find me a good position?

Our teams of project managers and recruiters have extensive experience and training in the semiconductor industry. Our project management team has over 25 years of wafer fab experience.

What tool sets do your clients have?

Retronix clients have worked on AMAT, TEL, LAM, Daifuka, DNS, Kokusai, ASML, KLA, to name a few.

After applying for a position what is the average wait time and how will I be contacted?

This will largely depend on the number of applicants for the position, but in general please allow for 5 working days.

What locations are available?

Retronix is a global company with offices in many locations in the U.S, Europe and Asia. We can offer you global opportunities.

If I enter my details who will see them, how private are they?

We take the privacy of our applicants very seriously at Retronix Semiconductor and only the recruiting managers will have access to your details. If we want to present your application to a 3rd party company, we will contact you first to get permission.

Can I apply for multiple jobs on the Retronix Semiconductor website or will it hurt my application?

Yes, you can apply for multiple jobs.

Do you train your employees?

Yes we have trained employees and our clients have provided specific training. In certain instances our OEM clients have provided certifications.

What is a 'Short Term' versus a 'Long Term' contract?

Short term is 3 months or less. Long term is greater than 6 months

Will I have to sign an exclusivity agreement with Retronix?

No, you are able to work with any agency during our job search for you.

How long is the hiring process- e.g. from time I apply until time I start to work?

This again alternates with each job, on the job specification there will be a start date listed but this may change.

Any additional questions please contact our Staffing Team:

Retronix Semiconductor has supplied top field service engineers, technical engineers and high quality cost effective solutions to the global semiconductor and electronics industry since 1992, building a broad customer base and expertise.

Just some of our tailored services include staffing and contract labour solutions, tool decommissioning and installation and surplus/harvested parts.

If you are a field service engineer or technical engineer looking for jobs please do not hesitate to contact us, we are constantly hiring for a range of semiconductor engineering jobs.

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