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Why Work For Retronix Semiconductor

At Retronix Semiconductor we have established ourselves as an industry leader in providing augmented/contractor and direct hire talent to the semiconductor, wafer fab, OEM’s and chip manufacturers.

Retronix Semiconductor is an experienced global engineering services and general contractor company serving the semiconductor and high tech manufacturing industries.

We offer flexible labor, equipment and facility support for some of the world’s leading OEMs and IDMs. Since 1992, we’ve achieved recognition and respect for placing high performing engineers and technicians when and where they’re needed in job sites around the world.

We are also highly sought after for our turnkey equipment relocation and facility management services, whether it is a full fab de-installation or single-tool relocation. We pride ourselves in getting your job done right and on time.

Work in the Global Semiconductor Industry

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Top Semiconductor Jobs

Semiconductor Industry Solutions

Our solutions include:

  1. Equipment relocation services – from a single tool to a whole fab including decommissioning and installation.
  2. Integrated rigging, crating and packing solutions with the tool move.
  3.  International freight management.
  4. Facilities support for electrical, mechanical and architectural removal, installation and design.

Providing Technicians and Engineers

Retronix Semiconductor will provide highly qualified, fully managed contract technicians and engineers as and when you need them.

These engineers and technicians have a range of expertise levels from Level 1 right through to Level 4.

We manage the entire process from recruitment to on site management globally saving you time and delivering the best solutions for your business.

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